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Experience the Magic of Growing

Transform your plants from barely alive to a harvest that thrives. AVA Byte automatically grows fresh herbs and clean greens, indoors, all year round.


the Magic of

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Experience the magic of growing

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Meet AVA Byte

World’s Smartest Indoor Garden

Designed and made in Canada, this patent-pending smart indoor garden gives your plants a voice for the first time. Unlike any other garden, your plants can finally tell you if they are too hot, need more water, or are ready to harvest.


How it works

Let’s Get Growing

Pre-seeded, soil-free, and full of nutrients - the little pods have everything your plants need to thrive. Simply plug in and get growing. The AVA Byte knows what you’re growing and will adapt the light and water schedule to nurture your future harvest.

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Getting Started

In 3 Simple Steps

Plug it in

Add Water

Add Pods



Our Plant pods

Perfect Plants Every Time

Forget about fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. The coconut husk-based home for your seeds provides an ideal environment for every part of your plant’s life cycle, from seed all the way to harvest or replanting. Just add water on average once a month, and compost your pods when they’re done.


App & Smart Home

A Garden as Smart as Your Lifestyle

Download the AVA Smart Garden app (iOS and Android) to monitor your plants. With Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can ask your garden how it's growing. Either by voice or by app, you’ll be reminded when it’s time to top up the reservoir, harvest your plants and more.

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Plentiful Plants

We offer an abundant variety of plants for you to grow and enjoy with your AVA Byte. Choose from expertly curated pod packs, or keep it fresh and experiment with your own seeds in our Grow Your Own Pack.


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