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With AVA, we’re on a mission to connect people with a love of homegrown food.

Automated gardening, naturally. The AVA Byte Smart Garden gives everyone year-round access to the freshest, cleanest, and most delicious ingredients grown right in your home.


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Blog - Decorating for the Fall

The leaves are turning those beautiful shades of orange, and the wind is starting to pick up. As the weather begins to turn and thoughts of earlier sunsets approach, it’s time to bring a little nature inside...

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Blog - Gift Ideas for Small Apartments

We love buying gifts for people we care about, but sometimes it’s a mission just to think what they’d like. This is especially true for those who live in small apartments…


Blog - Benefits of Growing Your Food

The growing seasons are full of little moments of happiness. From when you first decide on what you’re going to grow, to watching the little seedlings pop up...

Hey Google!

"When can I harvest my plants?"

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