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Who is AVA Technologies?

With AVA, we’re on a mission to connect people with a love of homegrown food.

Automated gardening, naturally. AVA gives everyone year-round access to the freshest, cleanest, and most delicious ingredients grown right in your home

We believe that you deserve truly fresh, healthy, non-GMO, sustainable food.

The AVA system preserves nutrition, makes growing fun and easy, while cutting out plastic food packaging,  harmful pesticides and chemicals


What’s the story behind the AVA Byte?

Freshly harvested, deliciously nutritious, transparently-sourced, pesticide and GMO-free, and no plastic packaging.

This is the way we think food should be enjoyed. AVA (Automated Vertical Agriculture) was founded in 2016 by an epicurean chef and an organic food marketer with one simple but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to grow fruitful harvests just like skilled farmers.

Our outsourced food systems today have disconnected us from the very source of our food.

Our bold ambition has become to unlock the green thumb in anyone, anywhere, to grow the freshest, healthiest and most delicious ingredients at home, all year round. Giving everyone a chance to grow.

By using modern and emerging technologies to bring farming into the 21st century, we aim to redefine the way millions of people consume groceries, to growing their own, right at home.

As food-lovers, we truly believe that good food can be good for the world too.


What is an AVA Byte?

AVA Byte is the indoor garden that is so smart and simple, it's just like magic. AVA Byte functions without soil and without sunlight. Water is all you need.

How does the AVA Byte work?

You'll be able to use your AVA Byte to grow anything from mushrooms to herbs, to tomatoes and edible flowers. Unlike other indoor gardening setups, AVA Byte is automated, affordable and sustainable.

What makes the AVA Byte different to the other ‘smart gardens’?

Great question. While the other ‘smart’ gardens use a simple timer or on/off switch for their lights, ours are adaptive for each type of plant. The AVA Byte Smart Garden also has an HD time lapse camera, where requested, as well as soil-free, biodegradable pods. It’s also much cuter, but we’re a little biased!


In addition, we use smart tech and AI to bring you environmental sensors and data collection to create different “growth recipes” which are a combination of lighting, watering, and nutrient schedules.

Can I mix and match my plants?

Yes, You can mix/match different plant pods to grow in the device! The herb pack for example will include a 5-pack variety of a variety of herbs that you can grow all at once.

How big is the AVA Byte?

AVA Byte’s light can actually extend up to 21” in grow height, so you can grow bush and vine tomatoes. 🍅


If you are growing tomatoes or cucumbers, we recommend to space out the plants so it’s 2 big plants in the system instead of 5 next to each other.

What is the HD Time Lapse Camera for?

Simply put, the HD Time Lapse camera gives you enhanced ability to watch over your plants remotely (e.g. while you’re on vacation), record time lapse footage of your garden growing to share with friends, and to unlock our AI features (growing recipes catered to your plants and your environment that allow our customer service to provide smart recommendations on how to improve your plant growth).


Can I grow my own seeds in the AVA Byte?

Yes, we offer blank pods. Simply place your own seeds into our seed slot and away you grow!  


How fast do the plants grow?

Because the plants get consistent lighting, watering, and nutrients, plants in our system can grow up to 3x faster than traditional gardens.

Do I have to replace the pods?

We recommend to replenish pods at least once every 2 months. This is because the more you cut and consume your plants, the more stressed it can become. When stressed, it will start to produce more bitter flavours or naturally die off.


Anything longer than 2 months, herbs and greens start to reduce flavour and grow thicker stalk. You can yield a large quantity (e.g. a salad a week, herbs to garnish every day) if you are consistently planting!

What happens if I’m not connected to WiFi

If you’ve never connected, the device will work on the off-line mode with default lighting and watering recipes. If you have previously connected, but lost the connection, it will continue with the original recipe you set up. You may, however not get the photos in your timelapse. Your plant will keep growing though.


Is it non-GMO or organic?

We use non-GMO seeds, other than rare varieties and certain heirloom seeds. We source our seeds from trusted seed farmers and suppliers!  🌿

Under USDA and Canadian Organic Standards, non-soil growing methods cannot be certified organic. However, we do use non-GMO seeds.

Are the pods sustainable or compostable?

Yes, the sponge we use use is actually a biodegradable sponge made out of a upcycled plant material. The pod itself is actually made from a non-GMO corn plastic, so the entire thing can be put into the ground and biodegrade over time.

Can I grow cannabis plants with the AVA Byte?

This is your personal indoor garden. However, we don’t make, manufacture, nor sell any cannabis products, seeds, or seedlings.


How much is each pod?

Each pod pack is $25 and a year’s supply is $99.


What’s the difference between the AVA Byte and Aerogarden or Click & Grow?


The AVA Byte is more than a plant pot with a light on a timer. We use AI technology and smart sensors to detect the types of plant and adjust the light and watering cycles to what you're growing. There's so much more to talk about, but you can get more info here

Do you work with Influencers and Content Creators?

Get in touch via and show us what you’ve got. Tell us about yourself and why you’d like to work with us. What can you do and how can we help?


Do you ship to Australia/ New Zealand/ South Africa?

We are based in Canada and can easily ship to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, NZ, and beyond. However, the only thing we cannot ship to start are seeded pods to you, as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have strict seed shipping regulations. That being said, our pods can come blank and you can choose your own seeds, or order with one of our partners.


We are working toward a target shipping date of Summer 2019 and would love to add you to our growing list of pre-orders.  Shipping times may vary depending on your local service but with international parcel mail, it should take between 2-4 weeks.


If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch via


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