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The easiest way to get growing

Intelligent Full Spectrum Lighting.

  • Optimized lighting that grows healthier and tastier produce faster
  • Lighting recipe changes when device detects what plant is growing
  • Adaptive lighting throughout the day and stages of growth
  • Real-time ambient light sensors detects environment and adjusts light strength and brightness
Smart + Effortless year-round growing

Smart Watering.

  • Watering cycles change based on what plants are growing
  • Watering system adapts actively instead of being on a passive timer
  • No mould growth or stagnation with consistent oxygen reaching plant roots
  • Never forget when to water again with water refill notifications sent direct to your phone

The easiest way to get growing

Camera with AI analytics.

  • Record time lapse or take snapshots of your plant growth from seed to harvest
  • Remote monitoring of plants, perfect for people always on the go
  • Automated pod detection and plant recognition with machine vision
  • Automated detection of mould growth and disease with suggested solutions
Smart + Effortless year-round growing

IoT/smart home features.

  • Voice-enabled notifications and status updates with Google Home or Alexa
  • Real-time alerts with thorough step by step instructions for pruning and harvesting
  • Environmental sensors cater Byte to your home environment for better and faster growth
  • Energy-efficient LEDs use very little electricity all year round

The easiest way to get growing

Smart Pods.

  • Pre-seeded and biodegradable plant pods using non-GMO seeds
  • Organic nutrients are embedded into pods and slow release over 2 months
  • Fully compostable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly pods ship without any plastic
  • 25 different varieties of pods and growing
Smart + Effortless year-round growing


  • Height-adjustable telescoping pole up to 12.5" of growing space
  • 3 different colours with premium finishes: white, Grey, Black with Gold Trim
  • Beautiful aesthetics to blend in with kitchen or home environment

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