Plants to Make Your Desk a Happy Place

We spend the majority of our week at our desks. They're too often piled high with files, notebooks, a couple of coffee cups and your colleague's chewed pen that he left and hasn't come back to claim it. 


Whether you're in a cubicle or at an open-plan desk, a few plants can go a long way. As well as cleaning the air around you, adding some colour, and giving you something to look at aside from your screen, plants can actually make you feel good.

The perfect break from your computer would be to spend an hour at lunchtime 'forest bathing', which is the simple act of walking through the forest or an area of green and natural beauty. However, this isn't always accessible, especially to those of us in the city (or when we don't have time to leave our desks at all). 


As a more accessible alternative, you can surround yourself with some leafy greens like ferns or coffee plants. If you don't get much natural light at your desk, try something with thick leaves like a 'ZZ' aka Zanzibar plant, or a Cast Iron plant as they can survive in pretty much any condition. 

There are some aromatic options that will bring a sense of calm to an otherwise stressful day, like lavender, chamomile, or peppermint plants. These can be a little tricky to keep alive as they often need a lot of water and plenty of light. 


If you're looking for a device to help your nature-filled corner thrive, then the AVA Byte Smart Garden will keep your plants growing, watered and plenty of the UV light they need. Pick up plant pods and pop them straight in and let the magic happen in front of your eyes. Grow edible plants like basil and mint, take off a few leaves and put them in your hot water to make some deliciously restorative tea. You can also grow tomatoes or strawberries and add them to your lunch. It doesn't get any fresher than right off the plants at arm's reach. 


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