Decorating for Fall

The leaves are turning those beautiful shades of orange, and the wind is starting to pick up. As the weather begins to turn and thoughts of earlier sunsets approach, it’s time to bring a little nature inside.


Just because you may not want to be outside as much as you did during the summer, it doesn’t mean you have to stop surrounding yourself with nature.

As the outside turns from green to deep red and warm brown, so can your home.

Pillows and throws:

You don’t have to do much to bring a new season into a room. A couple of toss pillows and a throw will provide enough colour blocks to change the space. To warm a room and bring a touch of the Fall inside, add a mixture of burnt orange, subtle red, and some dark green to round it off. A little goes a long way, so add a piece and stand back to see how you feel before you add another.



Close your curtains against the rain as it beats at the window. It’s time to get cozy with your lighting and turn off the main room light and add some mix-n-match lamps around the room. Create pools of light in your home to make a few areas look bigger and move the focal points.



Ice coffees and tall glasses of lemonade can be finished off and replaced for slow-brewed coffee and the kind of tea that takes at least a book’s chapter to drink. Put out a french press, grind some locally roasted coffee beans, and really take your time with it. Let the warm smell of toast and coffee fill your home and sink into your favourite chair.


Indoor Garden:

Touches of living greenery will soften any decor, clean the air and keep the growing season going, even when it’s coming to a close outside. This season we recommend a leafy salad mix of romaine and butterhead lettuce, or add fresh ingredients with the Cocktail mix.

blue - AVA Byte header.png

Event when the sun is down, your AVA Smart Garden knows exactly how much light to give your plants. While other indoor gardens work with a timer or on/off switch, we use AI to understand what your plant wants. There’s also a clever little HD camera in the device which shoots straight down onto the plant to create a time lapse of its growth as well telling you, via the app or smart home hub, when it’s time to harvest.


We want to see how you turned your home into a Fall hideaway or Autumn nest. Use #MyAVAsmartgarden on Instagram for a chance to be featured.

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