New Year, Grow New

The festive season came and went so fast but now it’s that time of year where we get real with ourselves. New resolutions, plans for how we’re going to be better in the new year, and we totally mean it this time. Right?


It doesn’t all have to be crash diets and gym routines. Having a healthy lifestyle can be as easy as adding some greenery into your life.

Whether you have your own garden or a window box, planting some seeds, nurturing them, and watching them grow all the way to harvest time is a hugely satisfying and beneficial process.

The best part, for us at least is when you finally get to enjoy what you’ve grown and there really are an enormous amount of benefits to eating something you’ve grown without chemicals.

Break off a couple of fresh mint leaves and add them to your mug of hot water for a refreshing digestion aid, or add them to some ice, white tequila, and sugar syrup for a tasty mojito! They can also be chewed on after a meal when you’ve run out of gum.


Another idea is to grow some small tomatoes right at your desk and add them to your salad or snack on them while you work. Basil is also a great leaf to just pick and munch, or to add to your pasta dishes.

Forget farm-to-table, there’s literally nothing fresher than plant-to-mouth.

Whatever you’re doing to make your new year the best for you, add something fresh to your day and get growing.

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